All About Our Gaming

Our beautiful “Ultimate Gaming Tables” are available for games of all kinds. From Magic: the gathering to D&D to Warhammer, our tables are comfortable and perfect for your favorite game.

Our active community of players are constantly arranging meet-ups for games of all kinds on our Facebook subgroups and regular events are always being scheduled with promos and prizes.

We have all kinds of games for sale; board games, MTG, Warhammer, D&D, and more with the best accessories.

Magic: The Gathering singles can be bought in-store as well as online at

Karate D&D

One of our most exciting gaming programs is our Karate D&D class. This open ended adventure sets you on a journey both personally in the martial arts, and in the fantasy world of D&D. Sessions are 3-3.5 hours and begins with an hour of martial arts training. As you progress in the arts and get strong, so will your D&D character. Train and play together in an epic journey with your friends unlike any other!

Heroic Health Group

Heroic Health Group provides a truly unique service right here at Balance. Using imaginative role-playing games is possibly the most entertaining way to build social skills, confidence, teamwork, anger management, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Heroic Health Group brings licensed therapy to D&D in a way that helps people develop the tools to help with a wide range of challenges and is a perfect fit with Balance Martial Arts.

Games After Dark

Want something a little more geared towards adults? Our “Games After Dark” might be just the thing for you. No kids, no worries, only laughter and fun. Play games like Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard and more! Let that dark humor out, no judgment in these games!