About Us

Our Mission

To provide world class martial arts training alongside the most comfortable and welcoming community gaming store in the most unique combination of passions ever brought to the public.

Policies: Balance Martial Arts and Gaming is committed to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone. Anyone unable to maintain that goal will be asked to leave.


Fully Qualified Instructors

Balance Martial Arts and Gaming is both the Dojo location for Kinney Karate and a community gaming store. It’s founded on the principle that people are multifaceted and need a place to go that nourishes more than one aspect of their lives in a welcoming a friendly environment. With our beautiful gaming tables, comfortable lounge, cozy library, and fantastic workout space, and all of the additional services we offer like Self Defense for seniors, Adaptive Yoga for wounded warriors, D&D group therapy for kids and adults and much more, Balance is truly the place to find new friends and develop your best self.

Seth Koehler

Master Instructor

Stavro Liginos

Master Instructor

Sonja Leone