Sensei Sonja Leone

I began my Martial Arts journey, following in the footsteps of my children in 2013. Beginning my martial arts training as an adult was not an easy decision? Can I do this? Can I keep up with these young kids? Some aspects of my training would be easier as an adult, but that is not true for all of my training. Time, age were not on my side. As a Mom of 2 who was heavily involved in their schools it took extra time and dedication to juggle their schedules as well as my own. I believe there are only two ways to become good at martial arts. First is to always keep trying and second is to never give up. Martial Arts does not come easy to everyone, but with time and dedication anyone can achieve their goals. I am proof of that as I am now a 2nd Degree Black Belt. I became Center Lead Instructor at Fossil Park in 2018. I am dedicated to passing on my knowledge to anyone willing to learn.