Balance Your World

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Do you struggle with:


Want to improve your physical and mental health? Exercise, fun, and friendship are here to help.


Are you looking for a sense of belonging? Come become part of a family!


Do you find yourself feeling perpetually tired? Finding Balance will help.


Struggle with self esteem? Learning new things, from self defense to strategic thinking, will increase your confidence.

Explore New Things

Balance provides an opportunity for discovery


Benefits & Outcomes

Strengthen The Body

Learn self defense while improving your physical health

Sharpen The Mind

Discipline, strategic thinking, and focus

Uplift The Spirit

Join a community that will make you feel welcome

Find Motivation

Train, play, grow, all in one place

Balance Your World

The hardest part of modern life is finding Balance and we can help

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Your World

Join a community that will help you reach your goals.


From the Gym

Feel Like I Belong

“It helps you in so many different facets of your life. It’s helped me emotionally and physically, it’s helped me with a sense of community, because no matter what happens or what I’ve gone through, I’ve always felt like I belonged here.”

~ Tatsiana Haverkamp

Fantastic Instructors

“I’ve been training here since I was 12 years old, and I can’t speak highly enough of this school. They have a deep bench of instructors with decades of combined experience. Classes are disciplined without being militaristic, and they offer a good ratio of brain training to pure physical workout.”

~ Jackie Prats

Improved Discipline

“I highly recommend Kinney Karate. Since joining, my son has gone from struggling where they didn’t think he’d pass classes, to excelling, to the top of his class. It’s great for focus and discipline, and watching him succeed actually motivated me to join as well.”

~ Sonja Leone